Plate rolling by Topring Rollers has been one of the primary services of by Topring Rollers, our vast range of plate rolling machinery has been carefully selected to offer the best service. Always trying to ensure that we are market leaders, we invest in the latest state of the art machinery to ensure every plate rolling requirement is met. Our experience over the years on top level projects has given us a leading role in the plate rolling sector.
Typical application sectors:
Power generation, Construction, Architectural Hardware, Petrochemicals, Rail & General fabrication.


Plate rolling is the technique of choice for any metals that are relatively thick.  Although sheets of various sizes and thicknesses may be used, this is the primary manufacturing process for metal bending large pieces of plate.
Roll bending uses either three or four rolls to feed and bend the plate to the desired curvature.  The arrangement of the rolls determines the exact bend of the work.  Different curves are obtained by controlling the distance and angle between the rolls.  Moveable rolls provide the ability to control the curve.  At by Topring Rollers we have a range of variable geometry roll bending machines that can cover a wide range of requirements.


Our modern plate rolling machines enable us to roll plates that are very long in length and rolling thicker plates. A proportion of thick plates can be pre-ended without an additional bending allowance to minimise waste when rolling.
Topring Rollers, plate rolling service can also offer an Edge prepping service with our modern machines. In this field we can offer machined, flame cut and plasma edges giving a first class finish to plate rolled products enabling the customer to finish their products faster and efficiently.  

Material suitable for plate rolling include:

Carbon steels,
Case hardened and tempered steels,
Duplex & Super Duplex Steels,
High Chrome molly material,
Stainless steels,
All our materials are supplied by approved suppliers. All materials are certified with mill certification and our suppliers offer a number of tests on materials which include impact test, strain ageing test and through thickness test.