Topring Rollers cc are happy to supply our bending services to a variety of industries and uses.

Profile bending to a wide range of dimensions.
Special profiles to suit customers specific requirements.
Typical Industries served Structural, Construction, Architectural, Chemical, Petrochemical, Rail, Transport and Leisure.
Any size order is achievable.
A completely controlled and recorded process.

Materials capable of being cold formed include:

Structural, Fine Grained, High Yield and Off Shore grade Steels.
Pressure Vessel Steels and Alloy Steels.
Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels.
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminium.
Corrosion Resistant and High Temperature Alloys and Super Alloys.


Angles, Channels, Zed Sections and C Sections.
Narrow Boat and Marine Vessel Sides.
Vehicle Chassis Rails and Inspection Pits.
Tower Structure, Lighting and Turbine Monopoles.
Ducting Transition Sections such as Square and Rectangle to Round.
Bridge Flange, Deck Plates and Superstructure parts.
Pressed Cones, Reducers, Transitions, and Cylindrical Components.
Stair and Walkways, Landings and Rails.


Press Braking takes place with a predefined inner radius using an appropriate bending vee and radius top tool to form flanges incremental radii or to give stiffness to a part. The load applied along with the tooling setup will dictate the final finish dimensions of the formed part. The setup is determined from the material specification, its thickness, yield, elongation and the required finished profile. The plastic properties of the material is also taken into account to ensure accurate dimensions are maintained. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any specific application and advice on capabilities.