Rolled Steel Safety Tips

Safety Precaution Tips When Dealing with rolled steel.

Installing Emergency Controls: For preventing any accidents, the hold-to-run and emergency termination controls must be installed in the sheet rolling machine.

Skilled and experienced operator: As with any other metal sheet forming process, the sheet metal rolling must be performed by experienced and certified personnel. As he knows the right way of handling the machine and is well aware of its hazards.

Conduct Regular Maintenance and Repair: There are many moving mechanical components in a metal rolling machine, which is prone to wear and tear after a certain period of time. Maintenance and repair can be performed for enhancing performance, however, it can also help prevent accidents. Therefore, here the repair and maintenance are a precaution.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The operator must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as workshop aprons, gloves, protective headgear, and heat and spark resistance glasses, etc. The use of PPE is highly important to reduce the chances of an accident. Appropriate dressing is essential as loose clothing may get trapped in the rollers, or may be exposed to high temperature. To prevent operator accidents, PPE and clothing must be taken care of. Also, the operator must avoid wearing any loose or fancy jewelry when working with such equipment and sheet metal.

Safe Working Distance: The operator must work on the sheet metal rolling machine from a safe distance, especially while inserting a metal sheet between hot rollers. Since the machine consists of many moving mechanical components, the operator must not come in contact with any moving components.

Environmental Safety: The environment in the vicinity of the sheet metal rolling equipment must be well maintained. There shall not be any temperature reactive object or chemically reactive material in the vicinity, to prevent accidents.