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Tube Bending - Mandrel Bending

Topring specialises in CNC mandrel tube and pipe bending.

With in-house tube bending facilities, we are able to provide quality and custom pipe bending and mandrel bending for you. With decades of experience and expertise, we utilize the equipment and skills we have to provide tube bends that can meet any requirements — large diameters and tight radiuses included.

We have tube bending for various types of applications, industries and metals. Do you have a pipe bending project for new handrails or your own car? We can help. We've worked with everything from stainless steel to aluminium to copper. We can outfit pipes for cars, industrial buildings, commercial offices or residential homes or complexes.

We utilise mandrel bending to provide you superior tube and pipe bends. With mandrel bending, we can provide quality tubes with tight radiuses and diameters with the help of a mandrel. This helps protect against broken, wrinkled or warped pipes. That way, you get the best pipe possible at the specifications you require


Rolling allows for greater diameter variety by eliminating the need for specific tooling.

Rolling can be performed on angle (toe in or out), round bar, flat bar, wire, as well as aluminium extrusions.

Our NC roller is capable of rolling arcs, circles, coils, ovals and different radii sections.